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I feel safer now

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Fiduciary responsibility?
Nov 26, 2001
Like most everyone I was angry, disappointed, maybe bitter, at my government's failure to prevent the attacks of 9/11. After all, our federal government was much too busy doing much more important things like funding studies of bovine flatulence an such.
So it was really not all that surprising that our government ok'd visas for 2 dead terrorists 6 months after doing their deed.
But after today I feel much safer. You see, today at a nearby airport my student (a furloughed United FO coming back to renew CFI) and I were chased down by two very scary middle aged female security guards for the dangerous practice of walking (yes, on foot) through the parking lot of the control tower as we were going back to the FBO AFTER EXITING THE FSDO. You see, we were recklessly taking a short cut to the FBO whence we had just come, to avoid an extra 10 minute walk by the main road. They were very quick to pick up on the potential threat posed by two middle aged caucasians, on foot, in shirt sleeves, carrying nothing, whom, by the way, they had about 30 minutes earlier observed taking the same path in the opposite direction.
I'm sure they were just doing what they were told to do by the government, and I don't mind at all being inconvenienced for real security, but JesusHChrist, give me a break.
If this sort of thing doesn't make you want to vote Libertarian . . .
God bless all the airline flight crews who have to put up with the real nonsense.
thank god you did'nt have a pair of unarthorized tweezers, or the dreaded and dangerous, illegal toenail clippers. Because if you had, they might have called out the national guard or something. I know, as do you, that we can sleep well at night knowing the federal government is making sure we are all safe.
Did they prevent you from taking the shortcut or were you allowed to carry on your merry way after they questioned you for a brief moment? If not, whoopdeedoo :eek:

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