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I better hit the books

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Activity Terminated
Sep 13, 2004
When I took the written 2 months ago, I knew my stuff. I could spout off V-speeds, airspace, symbols, FARS, and navigational and weight/balance information like the back of my hand. After passing the written, though, I really haven't even gone back to all that stuff. Instead I've been reading books like "Stick and Rudder", "The Pilot Radio Communications Handbook", and basically goofing around on flightinfo. What dawned on my quite recently, is just how sloppy I've become. I've forgotten more than a few FARS, tripped up on airspace, and it's like I never even studied radio navigation!!! I'm dead serious about learning to fly, so I'm gonna hit the books and further drive this information into my brain. It's just strange though. I've seemingly forgotten quite a bit. Anyone else ever take some time off from the books, only to become pretty sloppy???
I've noticed with disuse I forget certian things pretty quick...but there is a lot that should just be burned into your memory too :)
Knowing stuff like FARS and w&b and other crapola while important will not make you a good/profeciant pilot. Flying on a regular basis and applying some of that knowledge will. The more you fly the better you will get, simple as that.
ummm you called the FARS crapolo....I'm tellin

j/k. I second what lear said.

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