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I’ve never flow a tail dragger…

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Well-known member
Jun 25, 2002
I must confess I’ve never flown a Cub, I’ve never flown a conventional gear airplane.

Does anyone know of somewhere in the Southern Cal area I can find a Cub for rent and someone who can give me a tail wheel endorsement?

I’ve always said I was going to some day fly a Cub and now I’ve decided to open up the wallet and log me some Cub time.

One of my other dreams has to do when I retire, I want to acquire my DC-3 type and find me an old freight operator somewhere. Preferably somewhere sunny with a nice ocean breeze where I can fly the islands during the day and sip rum and coke, snack on fresh boiled shrimp and crab legs in the evening.

Oooohhh....conventional gear is SOOO much fun! I received my endorsement in a Citabria right after I finished my instrument ticket. It was a nice transition from the procedural nature of IFR work to the stick and rudder work in the taildragger. I had a blast.

I too want to eventually fly a DC-3 at some point. My late grandfather flew C47's for awhile, so I'd love to get a shot at some of the stuff that he flew back in the day. I think me flying a DC-3 someday is more realistic than a P-38 - the other plane he flew.

There used to be a guy around here that offered dual in a DC-3 for $300/hr. The plane is still around, but I'm not sure if he still trains anyone anymore. I didn't have the money at the time, but it'd interest me now...
I thaught I was flying a tail dragger last week, but then I just remembered that I forgot the untie the rear tie down.
Griffin Ga, south ATL you can get a DC-3 type at Academy Airlines, they are a part 135 freighter.

It has been a while since I have been around there but it is worth a call to them.

DC-3 is a wonderful airplane, I urge anyone that is trying to find that part 135 job to sit right seat in to do it with some good old fasioned technology, its a blast!

Good luck
Actually the DC3 is now at 4A7 (Tara Field) south of ATL and the mans name that gives types in this a/c is Bob McSwiggin. If anyone is interested I will get his telephone number for you.
Thats better now that they moved it to Tara, is the Carvair still there? the last I heard Bob had it for sale.

We used to have to drive to Thomaston, that was an hour for me where I lived.
The Carvair has been sold, and I think it is in the Dallas area somewhere. Mr Mac is giving checkrides now out of Tara.
Hart Air has a really nice cub at Long Beach airport. You can get a DC-3 type from "Dream Flight" (http://www.vintageflight.com) in Corona and go to work for Catalina flying Boats in Long Beach. They fly 3 or 4 Beech 18s and 2 DC-3s. They run the cargo to Catalina Island 4 or 5 times a day. I flew one of thier DC-3s over there once and it is a real kick. Much easier to fly than the 18 though.
I think all pilot's should have a conventional gear endorsement. To me real piloting satisfaction comes only from making perfect wheel landings, consistantly, in a cross wind. It took me 12 hard hours in a Cessna 170 to get my sign off. It may be the most frustrating, but afterwards, the most satisfying thing one could ever take on. Finding somewhere to get the endorsement these days may be a task, but believe me, you will never regret it.

I'll never forget thes words:

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