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hypertension medication and the airlines

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Well-known member
Nov 26, 2001
What is the airlines take on the use of approved hypertension medication for blood pressue? (assuming used with a first class medical) I have my blood pressure reasonably under contol and was able to get a 1st class however I am curious about how the airlines feel about this topic.
Hi BP and Meds

Good deal about your medical and your BP.

My educated guess would be that except for vision you have to be a near-perfect physical specimen for the airlines. That means no meds and especially no BP meds. Although Uncle Sam will issue you a medical and has no problem with you taking BP medications, the airlines will hold you to a higher standard. They can do that because (1) they have plenty of perfect specimens from which to choose; (2) their usual safety argument; and (3) they are the AIRLINES, that makes them G-d.

There are side effects to BP meds. I have a non-pilot friend my age who started taking Zestril several months ago. He had headaches which went away. So did some his short-term memory. It would bounce back if he didn't take his medication. I don't think he's BSing me; I've known this guy for nearly forty-five years and his memory has been perfect.

Best solution would be how the last thread on the subject ended: Get into shape, lose weight, avoid stress, watch what you eat and monitor your BP.

Good luck with maintaining a good BP.
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I'm gonna go see a hypnotist or something for my nerviousness, its just ridculous, I check it at home and it is normal, at the doctor it is high. I am resonably sure I can keep it low for quite a while however some 40 somethings or 50 somethings have to be on medication no matter how much they run or exercise. I do find it hard to beleive that a airline is going to kick a pilot out for taking High BP meds. Interviewing YES. Staying in I would'nt think so. I am not there yet and need to work on the psychological aspect of the problem and have been running everyday and eating better. However somebody waved 25,000 dollars in cash in front of you, your BP would go up thus I think the reason for nerviousness, except this is 25k worth of flt training.
High BP antidotes

Good idea about hypnotism. Maybe meditation might be a thought - I'm 100% serious, folks!

Once again, lots of luck with maintaining your blood pressure. Betting $25K as you mentioned certainly would raise mine.

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