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Hyannis base for Colgan in summer

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Well-known member
Oct 6, 2005
Just wondering if anyone can fill me in on how bidding, etc., goes for getting Hyannis for the summer season. I'm an FO and think that it would be an awesome place to spend a summer. Know about living accomodations, stuff to do in area, etc.? What are lines like? Thanks!

Hyannis rocks if you can hold it. You can bid for it when they open the base in late May. They provide a room for the duration at the Radisson across the streeet. It is all seniority and you have to be willing to give up your slot at the base you would be leaving. They wont hold it for you. Lines are good. people on the cape are new england snobby idiots especially on nantucket. Beach is close by and flight attendants are usually really cute. Great way to spend the summer if you have to work. LOTS of partying.

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