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Hs-125 Operators

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Get yourself a copy of JP BizJet 2005. Go to http://www.buchair.com/BIZ.htm for info on how to buy it. Has every corporate aircraft in the world listed with tail number, type and OPERATOR in it (not owner, which is usually a Bank and totally worthless information). Don't buy the CD Rom, it's garbage, just get the book for $39.
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Can Help!

I have the NBAA catalog in front of me and would be glad to help if you give me some more info.
Got the Air Charter Here Guide and they list by type also if you need to know about a geographic location
If this is so you can look for job references I would suggest that you send a resume to TAG Aviation in White Plains, NY. They operate a large number of Hawkers east of the Mississippi.

Good luck!

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