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HP to recall all remaining furloughees

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Dad is my favorite title
Nov 30, 2001
From fltops.com...

Today's news from Phoenix, Ariz., that America West Airlines will recall the remaining 59 pilots it has furloughed is excellent news.

Furloughs can decimate the finances of the affected pilots. Furloughs stall career progression and can even chase some pilots off to new careers, especially during times like now when furloughs are widespread and major airline pilot hiring is limited. And, of course, airlines won't hire pilots if they have others on furlough, except in rare cases where the airline has a separate group of professional flight engineers who are not qualified to fly as first officers.

America West initially furloughed 179 pilots. Slowly, after its
government-backed loan was approved and the carrier began to add flights as demand increased, America West began recalling pilots. The carrier announced 75 recalls in January, and another 38 in March. The final group, 59 pilots, will begin reporting for work next month, according to the airline.
Great news!

I'm very excited for all you HP pilots! Good news, and have fun getting back to the real job!

Now, if only everyone else would have the same great news!!!! Someday soon....
I'm always happy to hear of a furloughee going back to work.

How many of those just called back are members here on the board?

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