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Question How to test audio and alerts on a Garmin G3X touch?

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Forums Chief Pilot
Staff member
Oct 31, 1996
Type aircraft owned
Carbon Cub FX-3
Base airport
I'm trying to do an audio test from the G3X config side. My setup contains a G3X touch, GNC 355, G5, GMA 245R, etc. in a Carbon Cub FX-3. I go to the Sounds area on the config side and tap TEST on various rows and it shows it's doing a mono alert. I don't hear anything in my headset. Master and AV are on. I also tried changing from mono to stereo, etc. and still no sound tests. I'm using the latest firmware in the G3X experimental. How do I do sound tests as obviously I'm doing something wrong?
I have a marvelous grasp of the obvious, but if you are listening for the audio test on your headset, is the Bluetooth function switched on and paired to the avionics?
G3X is paired to my phone but that's setup on the "flying side" so I don't know if it's bluetooth connected or not when on the "config side." But the audio in my headset coming from the G3X comes through the intercom and through the cabled connection of the airplane (LEMO plug) and not bluetooth.

Yeah, I'm missing something obvious somewhere :)
I'm a digital neanderthal. I use a DC One X headset which Bluetooths to an iPad with the ForeFlight app. I had to read up on the fact that you have to pair the device to the headset, not just switch on the Bluetooth function on the headset.
I'll try pairing the bluetooth to my Bose A20 and see if that works. Can't hurt. Good idea - thanks!
Those alerts come through Aux 1 on my setup, and that seems to get turned off every time I update the software. Check to make sure Aux 1 is turned on from the G3X audio panel.
Thanks, will check for that but so far all seems to be working as expected so I abandoned trying the alerts test but may still give it a try for learning sake.

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