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How to lie with statistics


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Sep 16, 2007
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Every time Management starts quoting statistics to prove their point, consider their methodology.


remember 2N stated “My pilots are the highest paid in the industry”. Then he qualified that with his statistic that his Red Lable Challenger capt with 10 years “experience” (time in seat) makes more than a 10 year Net Jets Challenger capt. Tecnically a true statement as the 10 year time in seat Flex guy is making more than the 10 year netjet guy if gets his full bonus, but in reality the flex guy has been at the company over 18 years and not getting his full bonus and making significantly less than an 18 year NetJets capt.

Every decert video and email from Mgt or Frank N Beans use the same tactic


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Mar 27, 2018
Watch the first Roundtable video on the porn lounge. Kenn says, "we need to equalize the pay". He very carefully doesn't say he will raise everyone's pay to domestic red label. He will equalize their pay...hmm...