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How recent does copy of driving record need to be?

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Member User
Apr 21, 2004
Has anyone had an issue during an interview/application process with the copy of their driving record not being recent enough? It took me two months for the great state of FL to send me my record, and that was about 12 months ago. If I get a call for interview, I won't be able to get a new one quick enough... I have sent for another, but how often should you have to update a clean record?

It doesn't matter whether you bring your own copy or not (unless they want you too which would be highly unusual). By law, the airlines have to request all background check information themselves (or outsource it to someone else)

With today’s color copiers and printers, no one would have anything to report if they were allowed to perform their own background checks :)
When you get the interview call immediately request a new record. At the interview bring the old one and if you can bring some evidence that the new record is on order. Most states are very quick about this kind of thing but if FL is a problem interviewers will already know.

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