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How often do you....

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Active member
Mar 13, 2002
hear Top Gun quotes in the cockpit?? It is on Encore now.

My favorite is...

Whats the number to that truck driving school....

"Take me to bed, you big stud, or lose me forever."

How do you beat that?

I have not, of course, used these words in or around any aircraft. :rolleyes:

Oh Yeah! All the time!

I just used this one today:

"Your ego is writing checks your body can't cash"

Or something like that.

Dig it.:cool:
"You screw up just this much ( . ) and you'll be flying a cargo plane full of rubber dog sh!t out of Hong Kong"

"Pattie Benjamin- I think it was........"-

"mav you remember the name of that truck drivin school?- Truckmasters I think it was".....

3 5 0 -
Approaching 150 miles...800 knots...launch the Alert 5....
Its Penny

Its penny!!!! Watch the movie!!!!! man!!

Anywho, I am pretty fond of:

"Negitive ghost rider, the pattern is full."

"I feel the need, (duo) the need for speed!"

"..... because, I was, [does that thing with his hands] inverted."

Hey has anyone seen the movie "Behind Enemy Lines"? Gene Hackman, Owen Wilson. The flight scenes are superb.


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