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How much multi time is it going to take?

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Jan 6, 2002
How much multi time is going to take to get on with any of the regionals that are hiring right now?

I haven't seen any multi students in a while and was thinking about buying some.

Multi time

If I were to hazard a guess, I'd say you need 100 hours as a minimum. 200 to 500 to be competitive. Of course, the more the better.

I realize that 100 multi hours sounds like an insurmountable goal, but consider this. Twelve years ago regionals wanted 1500 total hours, 500 of multi and an ATP, and people whined about those requirements.

Hope that helps. Good luck with building the time.
Here's the deal kids. With only a few places hiring it is going to take a lot more then the min time to get a job. It is going to be like it was ten years ago, lots of airline guys looking for jobs, and not many jobs out there. If you meet 135 mins go get a freight job, like airnet. you'll need the time you build flying freight to stand a chance at getting on with a airline.
Competitive times

From one who's been there, done that ten years ago, good comments.

I'll add to what I wrote earlier in that in the mid '80s the mins for commuters were commonly 3000 tt and 1000 multi PIC.

Get your MEI and start instructing.
Ditto the above. It's not that you're aren't qualified with 1500TT and whatever multi; those numbers aren't competetive anymore. The trickle-down has trickled-down, and ain't it wet towards the bottom.
Sigh...even an MEI isn't going to do me much good for awhile. The insurance company for the only flight school in the area with twins now wants 250 hours of multi PIC before he/she can instruct. Ouch! Gotta keep donating plasma, or just take out a $30K loan and fly the heck out of a Duchess.
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