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How much does TAB Express cost?

  • Thread starter Le Douche
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Le Douche

I would like to become an airline pilot. Can anyone tell me how much these programs cost. It is my understanding that Embry-Riddle, the Harvard of aviation, has a similar program? Any advice is appreciated.

I'm getting that not so fresh feeling from your post.
HHAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH, I can't wait. Even though I know this thread is BS, ............I still just cant get away from it.
Is Le Douche really just re-incarnated Fromage? You decide.
hbrow15 said:
ok... hijack time.

so what type of grill does everybody use Gas or Charcoal?

I use gas

My Char-Broil does a darn fine job with pork chops

The poster asked a quesiton I have often wondered. How much does GIA and TAB cost? In all honesty it cant be much more than a 4 year degree and ratings.

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