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How long after app. at EJA?

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Capt. Over

Haulin' it on 18 wheels.
Nov 30, 2001
Just wondering how long after the app. is sent in until possible interview, any info. is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
There seems to be a wide variance with this. If you check the old boards, you'll see guys who were interviewed and hired 2 weeks after (and with no contact there) and other guys with more hours and experience who have waited a few months with nothing. It goes to reason that they were so swamped with resumes and apps that they just couldn't keep it all in order and equitable. Be patient...I still am! Applied September 10! Good Luck!

I just got a letter yesterday acknowledging that the interviewing manager has my ap and I am eligible for an interview when one become available (wow). Sent the ap in around Sep 20th. Accepted another job since I doubt I'd set into a cockpit before Mar or Apr with EJA from what I've been hearing.
I also received the same letter yesterday and I am wondering if anybody out there knows what the current timeline is for an interview, class date and length of training?

The letter sounded very positive and that I should expect an interview pending an open slot. Hope to get the word soon!!!
Same Letter

Got the same letter as you guys today. Got the app back in July at the AIR Inc conference and finally sent it in around Oct. Expect the call sometime after the new year.

Same letter as you guys, today. Application sent in September. They called me 3 weeks ago to verify my birthdate (I guess I forgot to fill it in on hte application). I'll assume not until after the New Year to hear anything.

Good Luck all,
I got the same letter. I wonder if everyone who met the mins got the same letter. Does this mean we are on the short list or one of 10,000-20,000 others who met the minimum qualifications? Anybody have an idea?
EJA Letter

I got that same interview pool letter. I sent in the app on Sept 24th and got the letter Dec 4th. I think they must have sent that letter to everyone who met their qualifications. It would be great if someone could give us an idea of when the interview would come.
I haven't heard anything in the last 3 weeks, but the last word I got was that interviews were being scheduled out into February+.

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