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How do I look UPSers?!?

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May 7, 2002
Hello fliers in brown...

I was curious about my prospects for an interview at UPS. I have done just about everything I can think of to get an interview, such as having the inside contact rooting for me and cirulating my name, I update the web site with my resume religiously ( once a month), and send the same resume to my contact along with copies of Line and Pro- check results when ever I take them. I also received an update sheet in February 2001, and sent that in right away.

This is honestly the one and only airline I want to employ me. Being a Kentucky boy, it kinda has sentimental value to me. Am I coming off as someone who sincerely wants to work for this company or is it overkill?

Thanks in advance!!!
Not Hiring at this time.

You are doing everything right but if the company is not hiring, No one could get you an interview and besides there are a lot of guys swimming in the pool already in front of you. Keep Hope alive. They will call you eventually when the economy picks up or when the contracts are settled with the mechanics and Teamsters.

You seem to be doing the right things. Keep banging on the door and when they start hiring again you will be on their mind. The flood gates will open again soon. It always seems to be the history at UPS. A 10% pilot group increase for two years, then quit for two years. Over time, it seems to average about 5-7% a year. Keep at it, you'll get there. Good Luck. WG
appreciate the input

Thanks for the input,

My buddy gave me a tour of Flight Ops, not to long ago, (bout) January, and I was practically salivating. Everyone was kind and enthusiastic. I even had a chance to shake hands and say hello to Chief Pilot Tom Keating.

It was not my first visit to Operations, I flew PArt 135 Supplemental a few years ago, and stationed in Louisville. So that was my first glimpse of UPS, and where I got "the bug". I was impressed to see some of the modifactions, and was nice to see that the Cafeteria was still shelling out a lot food (spent a lot of time there a few years ago).

Anyway thank again.
I agree with the others. How much turbine PIC time do you have? 1,000 hours seems to be the unwritten minimum.

Good luck.
Do you want UPS so badly that you are willing to pass up applying to JetBlue, Fedex, and SWA? They are all hiring while you pine for UPS.

You can always keep you apps updated and be ready to jump when big brown hires again. However...you just might find you are enjoying where you are so much you don't want to jump.


Sit tight, we're currently not hiring and probably won't until sometime next year at the earliest. I'm sure you'll be called eventually when things begin to pick up. You're doing everything right and your flight times seem to be competitive with most past new hires.

The company is currently in contract negotiation talks with the mechanics who have already voted down one offer by the company and will begin talks with the pilots early next year (possibly as early as this fall).

Rumors about another displacement/realignment bid off the B747 coming this summer and they've already parked several B72's out in the desert. In other words, according to the company, there are currently too many crewmembers on those fleets. On the upside, international growth is good and we are still receiving at least 10 new A300's next year. Also, rumors about bringing some of the B72's back from the desert.

Bottom line: Nobody is currently being interviewed or hired but things look brighter for next year. Keep doing what you're doing!:)

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