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How do I get my NDR notarized?

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Well-known member
Nov 28, 2001
Can anyone tell me where/how to get my National Drivers Registry form notarized. I need it notarized before an upcomming interview and no one at the DMV or Department of Public Safety seem to know anything.


Im not in TN but if you know how it works down there I'm sure it's a similar process in all states.
Look up Notary public in the yellow pages. some Grocery stores even have on duty. Or your City hall.
Find a "Notary Public" listed in the Yellow Pages...or go to your bank, there is probably one there...or go to The UPS Store (formerly Mail Boxes, Etc), there is usually one there. Or again, just look in the Yellow Pages for one. They will verify your identification and then "notarize" by their seal and signature that you in fact are who you say you are.

It's really not that complicated.

*edit* (I see others beat me to the post...but the info is the same. They are at most banks or other locations that can be easily found in the Yellow Pages.)
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I only said if in TN as I am one. Most airlines have a few notary's around. its good for certifying forms etc.. As others said the banks will sometimes do it ( $25) and I did not know that mail store did ..Often Hospitals have lists of NP's. Look up notary public in your state. It will need to be the state you reside in as new regs under the patriot act makes it harder to notarize.
Banks and title companies good bets since real estate transactions need to be notarized. Law offices are another. Yellow pages works well too.

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