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How Did You Find Out About This Site?

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I stumbled accross the old site about 16 months ago, and just followed it here for the change to the new format.

Come to think of it, I might have found it on an aviation website links list.
Cant really remember how i stumbled across the board, but i have been here for a while now. Im actually here way too much. Im constantly checking to see whats going on, and the latest talk in aviation.

In my opinion the board has priceless information, whether it is interview stuff, rumors, or what have you. You can ask anything, and someone is bound to have the answer or good advise.

I heard about the board after reading someone write about it on the Weather Channel aviation message board.

This board is a treasure. What a resource to share information, opinions and engage in discussions. What a way to get real-time information about the current state of the business - quite unlike many of the "services" we all know and love. It's a true cross-section of aviation personalities, the same as you meet ever day. I sure wish this board was around when I was active in aviation.

I found out about it on another board.
The old flight instructors board now the ilsapproach.com
I love this board!
Flying out of DTW one early morning a FO told me about it. I used to log into crewstart all the time, but that had too many FA whinning about there jobs. Now I log onto this site and listen to all the pilots whine. Great board.
About four years ago, I bought a computer and hooked up to the net, so that my wife could buy and sell collectables. About the same time I started my airline job search. After buying some info from a book seller, I reasoned that the info must be available for free somewhere, so I went online and started searching for pilot job information. Somewhere in the results, I found a list of web links. This was one of them.

If I had to give a definitive answer, it would be: I found flightinfo.com from a link on the the Landings.com website.

Glad I found it.


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