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How can I fly the BUFF?

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May 13, 2002
Does anyone fly the BUFF in the reserves 917th Wing? How difficult is it to get one of those slots (i.e. do they hire from the outside)?

On that same note, the 433 AW in San Antonio (C-5's), do THEY hire from the outside?

How do Reserve/Guard units feel about people who commute? Is it a big deal?
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Before you get your hopes up, find out if can fit in a T-38. If you can't then the Buff is out and then you will know to target the heavy units.
In some units nearly everyone commutes, some discourage it. The CP at San Antonio told me they only take apps from people from the area, b/c they have gotten burned alot by people saying they'll stay but take off the moment they get their wings.

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