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How 'bout Those Longhorns!!!!!

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New Bus driver
Nov 26, 2001
Sorry, I know this really has nothing to do with flying, but you can't help but love watching your school come from behind and win a big game.

As always, Major led the troops to another exciting and record breaking game.

I guess i can tie this in to flying though, i trained for my private while attending UT through the University Flying Club. There i did it, now this is officially an aviation related post. :)

Hook 'em horns!
Hey there fellow Longhorn alumni. I was at the game in San Diego. What a rollercoaster. It was great to see Texas come from behind and win the game. A couple from Austin seated next to me left the game after the third quarter. I bet they regret that now. I always thought that Major is a great QB and probably should have been starting this year, but at least he was able to end his career with a great victory.
I am not an alum of the University of Washington, but I do live near Seattle. Therefore...TTHHHPPPPPPHHHHHHHHH :mad:
That was a great game. Too bad for Texas it took Mack Brown until the end of the season to realize that Applewhite is a better QB than Simms! I'm just surprised they didn't start Shanahan this year, since his daddy is famous too!

Of course, I can't be one to talk, as my school lost to OSU... how sad. But I'm looking forward to the national championship next year... on the first Saturday of October!!!
I do believe that Major is a little better than Simms, but i also see where Brown had to get Simms prepared to lead his team next year after Major is gone. Major proved his worth every time he walked on to the field during his career at UT.

Oh well, no more Major for UT, now it is all up to Simms.

And i hate the people who give up on a team and leave before the game is over. It shows really how much they believe in their team. I remember about 3 years ago getting the worst sun burn of my life watching UCLA walk all over UT, but no matter how much it hurt and the fact that there was absolutely no way we could make up something like 60 points in less than 5 minutes, I was there supporting the team. Although i do have to say that i pretty much know the UCLA fight song now because i heard it so darn much that day.

Anyway, we did well this year, and hopefully Simms will be able to take UT further next year. I guess we will have to wait and see.
Oops, I think it was 1997 that we were relieved of that win by UCLA, so lets make that 4 years ago.
All I gotta say is GO CANES #1 in 2001

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