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How are things at AirTran?

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Active member
Mar 10, 2002
I've heard some good things about the company. Any insiders care to pontificate?

Is BWI a domicile yet?

Do all new hires go to the 717?

What are the pay rates? (Particularly year 1 and 2 and first-year CA)

Upgrade time?

Any talk of ALPA?

Thanks in advance :eek:
Things are good at AirTran. 20 new 717 this year with 14 DC9 retirements. We are expanding with new cities and increased frequency. BWI is a rampant rumor due to our heavy schedule in there, but nothing substantiated yet. All new hires will be going to the 717, as well as all upgrades (which have been going approximately 1.5 years) Current (2002) pay rates:
FO Pay YR 1- 37.5 YR 2- 51.19 YR 3- 55.44
CA Pay YR 2- 93.07 YR 3- 97.27 YR 5- 109.82
and tops out at year 12 152.57 in 2004
I don't think we'll ever see ALPA, there is very little interest for and a great deal against.
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