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Houston Interview

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Just Peachy

Well-known member
Jan 17, 2002
I 've just gotten back from the Houston interview process, and I'm here to say, they are a warm and friendly bunch.... all of them, including the sim evaluators. I wound up drawing the Hawker 700 , some got the King Air 200 and some got the Falcon 20. After the sim eval, the instructor goes over how he graded you and why. Each manoever or phase is graded 1 to 5 with 5 being the highest. There are about 50 items you get graded on, and you get graded in both seats. Dont let your captain screw up ! But dont lead him either........ I guess they had an interesting scenario with two instructors flying together, each trying to "help" the other too much.

The instructor tries to put you at ease and helps you as much as he can. The ride is straight forward with no tricks. Pay attention to your proceedural turn and dont bust the 10 mile limit.....it can happen quickly !

I had the interview first and was not asked a single tech question, a few "what ifs" but only a couple. Several others reported the same. Some reported some tech and some what ifs, However, a couple of folks reported getting "grilled on the tech stuff big time !" For me we talked mostly about my previous fractional experiance which included, passenger handling, flight scheduling screw-ups, crew togetherness, and again, passenger satisfaction..........
Most of the interviewes said it was short. Id estimate mine was 15 min. We had about 18 boys and 2 girls applying.

At least two had been layed off from the majors ( Im sure there were more in the group but I only knew two) and were asked if they would resign their number. One gentleman was a 747 captain about to retire in the coming year...another was an A-10 driver. Every one I met seemed very qualified. Mix of ages I would guesstimate about 30% are very young, 20% young, 30% middle aged, and the rest older ..........

I had put in an app about a year ago and had pretty much given up getting called......... I was told the office is now attempting to catch up, so all you that are waiting, dont give up. I had no recommendations from other NetJetters, but previous fractional experiance which they liked.

Netjets gets you down to the facility and gets you home .....you pay for your meals and any incidentials.

The interviewers seem very interested in you as a person and not just a number......


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