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Houston-A mess


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Dec 7, 2004
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Flying in Houston the last couple of days reminded me of the Godzilla movie and all the people running.

What a zoo! The real winners of the day that I saw was at David Wayne Hooks.

A Sabreliner got off the very narrow taxiway and buried the right gear in the dirt. The mooney and 400 series Cessna behind him couldn't move. The G-4 behind them ran off the taxiway and buried the nose. The G-5 on the ramp was too heavy to get off the taxiway. The Challenger behind him couldn't move.

Looking at the weight limitations in the Airport directory shows a maximum weight for the runways of 30,000 with single wheel, 45,000 dual, and 73,000 tandem dual. Should the Gulfstreams been there?

Finally they closed the airport except for those that could land on the 4,000' narrow runway.