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hotspots in jac?

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Active member
Nov 30, 2001
finally going to be there for more than 2 hours, is there anything to do or should I make sure I have a good book. I plan on taking my camera, hopefully the vis will be good and I can get some 'postcard' pics.
There’s plenty to do in Jackson depending on the amount of ground time you’ll have.
All kinds of tours from heli to covered wagon trains into the Tetons can get quite pricey.

Try out some of the local eateries you won’t be sorry.

The Camp Creek Salon, Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat Company, Snake River Brewing Company, Gun Barrel Steak and Game House, The Mangy Moose are just a few I can remember, their all good.

Enjoy the trip.
Oh yea give yourself about half a dot on the glide going in on 18 there are some rather questionable powerlines that may or may not be marked, I could never find them.
Take a whitewater rafting trip, this time of year the waters of the Snake River are perfect! Some of the best rafting I've been on.

Have dinner at the Snake River Grill, had an incredibly good Grilled Halibut last time, also saw Harrison Ford there having a drink too.

The FBO normally tries to put you up in the Wagon Wheel, nice hotel for the price and easy stumbling distance from the Cowboy Bar.

For exercise take a hike up Snow King, great view from up top and about as good of a work out as a 4 mile jog.

Finally finish the trip off with breakfast at Bubbas and order the Mexican Scramble or some BBQ brisket for lunch, there's always a line so allow 2 hours for that.

In short just enjoy one of the nicest places in the country to be in July.
hey guys, thanks for all the great tips. We hit some of those restaurants and of course the Cowboy bar, man I felt wierd sitting in the saddle. On our free day we drove out to yellowstone to see the sprinkler, I mean old faithful. It was pretty cool. Hopefully we can ground the airplane next time so we can get an extra day or two and get some rafting in.
thanks again

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