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Hotel Room in ATL through priceline.

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Just wondering what the procedure is now for using priceline to get a cheap hotel near the ATL airport.

Take your airline badge over to Quality Inn (maybe it is a Comfort Inn) on Old National Hwy. I think it is like $35 or $40.

The Red Roof Inn on Virginia is $50 with tax.
Im going to guess its the same as booking any other room on priceline. But ASA aviator is right, just use your crew badge and get a crew rate.
Check with the Drury, near the DAL G.O. Those guys are great-and the hotel is FAR, FAR, FAR cleaner and safer than many around the area. You do need to place a priority on safety around ATL.

-Plus-every evening between 5:30 and 7:00, the drury gives you 3 free drinks and some dinner items-complimentary!

-Well worth a few bucks more!
50 bucks on priceline will get you the Westin, just southwest of the field. It's not the Delta GO area, nuttin w/in immediate walking distance, but the vandrivers are more than happy to take you where you want to go...
37.00 and 3 stars gets you the Hyatt Place or Marriott Courtyard. 49.00 out the door with fees etc.
$8 and 1* usually gets you ATL's crashpad. Make sure to bid the "Flava" zone.
You guys do know there are jobs where the company puts you up in a hotel right? Crashpads are for those willing to settle and I used to run a crashpad in ORD.

Fly a jet for 20k and pay to work at the same time....ggrrreeeeaaaaatttt.

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