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Hotel Points

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Jester's Dead!!
Feb 22, 2002
Hi all,

Been going through the process of signing up for the hotel points. Any input from NetJet guys to what ones to hit.

So far, I've signed up for

Holiday Inn

I'm sure I've missed some but cant think of any others.

Thanks in advance.

Don't forget....

Priority Club (Crown Plaza, Holiday Inn, and others)

Starwood Preferred Guest (Sheraton, Westin and others)


Best Western

Also: All Airline Frequent Flyer Systems

AVTrip Fuel Incentive Program (FBOs)

Welcome to "point city"........
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Hey IP,

Get the Hilton Honors American Express card. You will get double Hilton points when using it at Hilton Hotels. After 8 months, I have over 105,000 points!!!

Signing up with Raddison,Ramada, La Quenta, Best Western are a waste of time, and not worth signing up for since you stay at them less then 1% of the time, by not staying at them that much, you gain nothing, anyway, most of them will give you airline miles without signing up for their hotel program, the ones that I carry are HILTON,PRIORITY CLUB(HOLIDAY INN BRANDS),STARWOOD(SHERATON BRANDS), and MARRIOT, I have been a Hilton Diamond for the past 3 years, a platinum priority club for 2 years and a platinum Starwood member for 1 year so far, they are the top 3 with marriot on the bottom, the other ones are worthless, the hilton program by far is the best since you get both points and miles, and like myself who travels only on Delta, I carry only Delta, but have a United account, UsAir, and AA, and if some of the airlines get the code-share deal approved, you can keep building premier status on one account even if you fly on another airline, like when I fly Delta, if they code-share with Continental and NW, then I can get credit on Delta if I have to fly on NW, or CO., it is great to build the most miles on one carrier.:rolleyes:
How do you sign up for AVTrip Fuel Incentive Program? Can I do it online or do I have to do it at a FBO?
Hey Puke,

You need to spend less time on this site, and spend more time setting up all the point accounts. You know you need to sign up for every one out there.

I'd love to chat for a while, but,, I'm having and old friend for dinner.

Good bye.


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