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Hotel/Bar thread gone

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Well-known member
Nov 25, 2001
Unless I missed it I see that the hotel/bar thread is gone. In this case I agree with the moderator. The topic can be picked up at the YGBSM section which is a more appropriate place for layover discussions. Layovers are 25% of my life so they are important to me and other pilots also. I would also like to see shared information on places to go and do at diffrent cities. A lot of the time I hit a city for 24 hours only to find out later I missed a really hot place to go or neat place to visit. Thanks, guys.
Just to clarify, the "hotel/bar" stories thread originated and always was in the YGBSM area. A different thread, off duty crew get togethers, was here. I agree, it should have been started in the YGBSM area.;)

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