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Hot jugs...Knew I'd make ya look

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Well-known member
Dec 19, 2005
P-baron,#2 cyl. is running hot. We swapped probes,recleaned the injector,baffles look good. Any ideas?
Silicon baffle seals or asbestos?

Make sure when the cowling closes that there is no buckling with the baffle seals.

What is the compression of the cylinder?

Check exhuast seals, any discoloration.
Number 4 was replaced due to low compression (exaust valve). number 2 was running hot before that and now the pilot says it's hotter. Silicone seals,look good and tight with the cowl installed,all new gaskets,rechecked the bolts. compression is good. We called the engine shop and they are stumped at this point. Back on it monday morning.
This is commonly done, incidentally, by sealing off the induction, ensuring both valves on the cylinder in question are shut, and pressurizing the induction with a low pressure source (typically the output from a shopvac). Use soap bubbles at the induction flanges and couplers to spot a leak.
We rechecked the induction system again,redid some of the baffles,and put in new spark plugs. The temps are better,dunno what really "fixed" it....

Thanks for all the input!

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