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Hosting a Katrina family?

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Dec 8, 2001
My wife and I are thinking of hosting a family affected by the hurricane but would like to get info from someone who has done so before? We have some concerns but are thinking that hosting a kid and placing him/her in the local school until things are better or the family has other options. We have donated some money to some relief organizations but after seeing some of the options available to those families, we are disheartened. Staying in the dome indefinitely no matter where it is just has to be difficult. I would truly appreciate suggestions and help from someone abreast in this area.

On another note, for those looking to offer assistance please check out this website. I have attached a quote from a friend who is also truly concerned. He found the site and it has numerous charities. Please donate anything.


"I found a
pretty solid and reputable link that has scores of
charities which you could donate some money to if you
so desire.
Here's the link:

There's some good charities on the website and at this
point in time, I'm sure a little could go a long way
as cliched as it is and as impersonal as it is to
simply "donate money."
Man, you are too nice. The problem with "hosting" a displaced family, is that when you are ready for them to leave, they probably won't want to. Do you want to have to ask or tell them to leave after a resonable period of time? There are many self-respecting people with the dignity to accept your kindness, and leave your graces as soon as they possibly could. But, judging from the caliber of folks displaced from this disaster, they expect things that are way above and beyond what I would ask or demand from others. Let the disaster organizations deal with the mess, and make a donation to such.

Keep in mind, that there are people who will stab you in the back despite your kindness. Imagine your personal posessions come up on loot, or you're accused of something unimaginable. How would you screen a potential family? Is there a contract they would sign? Is it enforceable? Hmmm...
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To many kooks!

I thought about the same things as I have an extra room in the Florida panhandle. The problem is you dont get to interview the people, and as the above poster stated, you may not be able to trust them. In this situation, I think that the relief organizations and authorities are are best suited to handle this type of environment. Send in donations to support the shelters.

I had a volunteer crew ready to fly a CH47 from Ft Rucker, but the Army turned us down because they could not release the aircraft due to the backlog of students we have there. Oh well, at least I tried. It is frustrating not being able to do anything (besides donations) but sit and watch on the sidelines. If you can get there to donate your time, you may not get back due to the gas problems. Well, my wife is a Doc and it looks like the Air Force may deploy her to the area so at least one of us can really help.
I too, have thought about hosting somebody, and have an empty room.

I was/am interested in hosting somebody like myself, possibly displaced from an FBO job. If the person was an aspiring pilot working at an FBO, and wanting to work, I could help them.

Do you know anybody like this?


PS. don't make a gender assumption based on my screen-name, and I'm not located close to New Orleans.
My experience with being nice is that people will smile and be grateful for the help then try and butt-screw you as soon as you turn your back. Being a mean old grouch has worked much better for me.

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