Horsepower vs Thrust -- High Performance


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Nov 26, 2001
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Interesting situation cropped up yesterday -- I'm going to call the FSDO to get their read, but was wondering what the brain trust's thoughts were.
Here goes:
Buddy of mine has his commercial MEL/SEL and has owned a piece of a Cessna 182 partnership and has been flying it for about a year now. Trouble is that he doens't have a high performance endorsement in his logbook. He's got quite a lot of light single time, but only started flying the 182 when he bought into the partnership. He's never flown another "high performance" prop aircraft. He has, however, over 3000 hours in the F-16, most of which he got prior to Aug 4, 1997. Trouble is, the GE110 in his Viper produces 24K+ pounds of thrust, but doesn't have a rated horsepower. Now, the common sense answer is "Of course, it's a high performance single and since he logged time in it prior to Aug 4, 1997 he's legal," but we can't find anything written to back that up.
Of course, I fly and give him a high performance endorsement this weekend, we were just wondering if he's been technically flying illegally for the past year.



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Dec 2, 2001
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I am guesing he's ok, jets are just rated in lbs of thrust and piston in HP, however there is a formula to covert thrust to HP.
I used it once to figure HP on the EC-135 a variant of the KC-135 that i used to work on. I just can't remember it.
Anyways I belive he is ok, if not well you got your CFI so help your friend out.
I'm curious what your fsdo says they all seem to have their own opion.