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Horizon Interview Questions???

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Cpt Kangaroo

Active member
May 24, 2005
Hey there.
Have an interview coming up with Horizon, they suggested the County Inn,but called them and they quoted 91 bucks for the night. Anyone been staying somewhere else???

one other thing...have been looking around about the interview and was wondering if there is any written atp test you have to take?? also any questions about the aircraft you've been flying???

thanx for any info everyone
It has everything you need.


It works great and it's free. Just don't use it without posting your own experience... that's kind of a cheap shot.

On the left side, look under PILOTS. Click Gouge.


Knew about aviationinterviews. Thanx, was just wondering if anyone had anything new beyond what was posted there.
just curious, did you tell the Country Inn that you are doing a Horizon interview? They usually give you the company price, which is $38. I would go there if you can, nice hotel.

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