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Horizon gets new CEO/Alaska gets Bagley

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Green Banana

Request Direct Honolulu..
Dec 16, 2001
For those of you at Horizon, You have a new CEO. Jeff Pinneo! Pinneo succeeds George Bagley, who has been promoted to the new position of executive vice president of operations at Alaska Airlines. Here is a cut from the Alaska Flight Attendents ``Alaska Airlines flight attendants support new CEO Bill Ayer and will work with him to improve our great airline. But we do not support the addition of former Horizon Air Chief Executive Officer George Bagley.

``Bagley has a history of attempted union-busting at Horizon. His anti- union behavior runs so deep that he barred flight attendants from wearing their union pins at Horizon. Flight attendants at other airlines wear their pins proudly.
Ayer & Pinneo

I've heard the folks at Alaska really like and respect Ayer. What do the people at Horizon feel about Pinneo? Anything seems like an improvement over Bagley from what I've been hearing!
Pinneo is the guy who wanted pilots to help pull tickets and throw bags. HMH, We'll see about that.
my sympathies . .

As a former QX ramper for 5 years, I was not too impressed w/ ol' Jeff Pinneo's managerial skills or tactics. He used to show up once a year and put on a ramp suit to mingle with us common folk. It was always much more of a token show of support rather than the real thing. God knows we could have used it.
Horizon used to be a decent company to work for, but is going downhill pretty quickly (morale wise, anyway). I just don't think Jeff has what it takes to pull this one out. Only time will tell . .


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