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Horizon Air

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propsarebest said:
Good Good And Good...
Don't know if I agree with that statement. However, it's a decent place to work. Pay is good (crossing my fingers it'll *stay* that way), and from what I hear, work conditions are just as good, or maybe even better than the best regionals out there. That does *not* mean there is no room for improvement, because there definitely is. Like most other carriers, pilots are regarded as "tools" at the company's disposal. They have little or no regard for your well-being. Management is constantly "interpreting" the contract at their whim. Nothing new there, though.
Pilot group sits at around 700 pilots, and have been for 10+ years. This is obviously subject to change, but the stats should tell you something. Like propsarebest stated, count on at least 6 years before upgrade. Like the previous statement, this is also subject to change, since I'm obviously not psychic... However, it's a well known fact that Horizon have many many "lifers". Retirements won't really hit until 2015 or so. Only a few per year until that time.
With all that, I'd still wager it's one of the best, maybe even *the* best regional to work for... Good luck to ya! :)
vallyman said:
thanks fort the info.
are they hiring in 06?
Yup, quite a bit actually (at least, relative to the amount of hiring that we normally do). Some attrition, and I think they're finally realizing that we're way understaffed. Sounds like at least one class per month for the first several months of the year.
what is the best way to apply.. online, snale mail , ect..

and do you have to have a referance from inside the Co.


Any XJ guys get on with QX? If so, and you're still <1yr with XJ, have you heard if mngt will go after the training agreement money?

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