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Honest question

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I have an honest question for all the regional pilots here. Please don't flame me for I'm asking an honest question and would like an honest response. The question is do you regional pilots think that you will make it a major someday or are you resigned to working at the regionals for the rest of your career, regardless of what size aircraft they my fly in the future? Also did you get into flying with the sole intention of making it to a legacy major?
Man, that must be some sort of record! It only two minutes for someone to whip out the ol' flamethrower!

And oh yes, it's "douche", douche! (That you, Eric?)
Sometimes I like pecan pie better than peach. But if peach is done right it's wayyy better.
Here you go man, honest answer. I enjoy what I do, but I would like to spend the least amount of time possible at a regional carrier. Wheather I go back to corporate or make it to a major or get involved with the NTSB (always been a goal) we will just have to see. I think its pretty hard to say where I'll be in 5 years, I think thats an impossible question to answer. I'd like to think I'll still be flying and still happy about doing it.
Honest Answer

410 Dude,

If I'm not at a "Major" or "National" carrier by the time I'm 40 (not too far away), I'll stay put. I love to fly and believe it or not, money is not everything. I'm living comfortable and that is all that matters.
Here here! I will make it to a major someday, its always good to have goals- these by which drive me to fly everyday and better myself in hopes that I will make it their soon! If not then I will still be happy as I do have the best job around.
Personally I would like to go to a major at some point, and yes, that was the original plan. But, if I spend my entire career flying for a regional, I will still thank God at the end of it that I was able to do this for a living.
I once posted a poll asking this question, basically. It was titled "I fly for a regional and I....my job!" polls have since been removed or I'd link it for you.

the majority, as I recall, said that they liked their job at the regionals but would be dissappointed if they didn't move on someay. There were some that were lifers and happy to be, and conversely there were those that said they hated their regional gig and would be plenty pissed if they never moved on.

just like anything else in life, you get all kinds. happiness is where you find it.

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