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Hold or Fold? Should I move laterally?

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A serious CRM problem!
Dec 1, 2001
Its been a topic of intense discussion, especially since September 11th, should I make the lateral move from one regional to another?

The current carrier I am at has not seen an increase in payroll and flying opportunities since February this year. As a matter of fact, the number of lines of flying has been decreasing at a slow but steady rate. They have rescheduled flights and increased line values in order to keep up with attrition.

We still have many Captain flying as FO's, and I am not Capt. rated since my class was cancelled after 9/11 and I was furloughed. I returned to flying status two months later (Nov. 01) and next month will be the first month that I will be able to hold a line.

They (Mgmt.) is telling us to hold on, and that there are opportunities coming our way soon (blah, blah, blah). Of the 12 in my original class only 4 remain. Other FO's are moving on. They have brought back 10 for August so there is some padding below me now.

We only need to put three (3) aircraft back into service and I will upgrade. (6) aircraft back into service and I will be a line holding Captain.

My gut is telling me to stay on and wait - since I am holding a decent commutable line now and the commuting is very easy.

On the other hand they have pay freezed us and a first year FO at another outfit makes 3-4 bucks an hour more than me right now - in the first year! I will be on reserve at the other carrier for god knows how long. I have already tasted how bad it sucks to commute on reserve.

What do ya'll think?
Move it and make room for us!

Just kidding TJ,

I am on furlough at your airline so I have just been sitting back and watching all of you guy's leave. In your previous post you seem to be sort of negative about your job. It goes with out saying at least you have one.

I really think they are going to take off with the new management on board. There is still a possibility for a new essential air service city soon according to an internet news paper I have been reading. Also, I was in the training office the other day and seem to have high hopes of bringing everybody back this year. This will surely put people under you.

I think things will get better so I would hang on. Being positive is the only thing that is keeps me going.

I just posted a long reply in Eagle Imploding, but my thoughts apply a little differently to you. And remember, these are only my thoughts.

This is your decision. Plain and simple.

I had to think about my move. I wasn't going to just jump ship to just anyone. I also had a lot of seniority with the last company (#3 FO in the company and would have been about #38 out of about 250 pilots.) Did it suck to move to the bottom of seniority? Sure did. I am now the most Jr CA on line with only 2 guy from my new hire class lower than I on the pilot seniority. But a person has to do what is in their best interest. I would have come to my new company getting a pay raise just to be an FO. I know that your situation is a little harder with the news of more aircraft coming back so you just have to sit down and think it over. Once you come to your decision, it has to be one that you can live with. I have and that is all that matters.

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