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Hiring / Interview Update, please!

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Rocky Top!
Nov 26, 2001
A couple of questions for those assembled ...

First, anybody have address/phone/fax for Chicago Express, as well as published minimums? The website is apparently "under construction" on a permanent basis ....

Second, who has the latest from Shuttle America? Heard from a friend at CHQ they're hiring, but the web site is silent as to mins. Also, what about the interview? Any word would help.

Lastly, Skywest's website advises they're hiring ... any truth to that? Know they're big out of SLC and as UAX on the west coast, but does anybody know what all their sub-bases are? If memory serves, they are one with many out-station crew bases, I think.

To those on the line, good trips and tailwinds. To the swimmers, may the poolside phone soon ring, and to those on the street, I hope everyone is called back soon to the best job there is ...

SkyWest Brasilia domiciles are PDX, SMF, MRY, FAT, SBA, SBP, PSP, SAN, SLC, and DEN. The CRJ domiciles are FAT and SLC. I believe we may be just about done with interviews for a while.
1. Chicago Express recently (within the last three weeks) ran an ad on the AEPS website with opening advertised for flight crews.

2. Shuttle America offered me an interview a few weeks ago. My understanding is that they are only hiring crews with Saab 340 experience. Supposedly they have received in the area of 70 resumes from Colgan Air pilots alone.

3. SkyWest also called to interview three weeks ago, so they were interviewing or at least scheduling interviews as of that time.
How long of a wait?

English -

Congrats on the calls. How long did you wait for your call from SkyWest? How many updates did you make to your profile and did you take any other steps to get that call?

Thanks for the info and good luck at your interviews!

Also were you actively flying when you got those calls or are you on furlough. I've been on furlough since Sep.18, and I am worried I may not get interviews because I'm not as current as others.

Any insight would be appreciated.:(
I was furloughed September 19th. I applied to Skywest via the online resume afterwards, and they called within two or three weeks. A buddy of mine worte a letter of rec for me and sent it to Human Resources. He's a captain there with some seniority, so that helped a bit.

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