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Jul 16, 2002
To all of my future colleagues at NJA,
My indoc is scheduled for Nov 4, and my sim is on the 6th of Dec for the excel. I would say to the people here that, if you have not applied to NJA, you should.
I interviewed last aug and my class was scheduled for Jan of this year on the X. Due to personal issues, I had to delayed my class till Nov, and NJA went out of their way to accomodate my request.
I am currently flying B747 for China Airlines, but, I can't wait to be flying the line in NJA.
See you all in NJA
CONGRATS! Sounds like the best place to be right now. I hope to join you soon.

Nice to hear a company was so good to you throughout the process.

Good Luck-

Congrats!! I'm thinking about sending a resume today.

Out of curiousity, why are you leaving the 400? I've been reading about a lot of guys leaving the bigger jets for other jobs.
CC..good idea to send it in but do not expect an app for a long while. From what i hear they are backed up a while. But go ahead and get in line..:D
CCDisco, I am leaving this company because it's much too political.
The schedule for the following month will not be available until 2 days before, and you do not bid a line as they do in the US, they will assigned you the trips and it changes constantly; You cannot plan your life. They promote pilots out of seniority, poor management , so, you kinda get the picture of this outfit.
there is more to say about this company, but, i'll leave it. Anyway, this is the final 4 months here, after that, I will be a happy man.

Heavy jets arent everything. Its nice to see someone realize it. you are going to love EJA or excuse NJA. They respect us, treat us well and make every effort to supply us with the available tools for success. Hope to see you on the line someday. Dont forget to bring the good attitude with you.
you are 100% correct! after 5 years in the heavy, i would love to have a nice and the qualities in life. don't worry, i always carry a good attitude around me day in and out.
see ya soon.

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