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"Hired As Needed"

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Give it up Mark. Just sit back and watch the TragiComedy unfold, as the zombies (pilots) eat up the profession.

You are correct Sir.

Tomorrow, I will go Yachting on my Buddies boat (Airline Pilot ). What a deal....He makes the payment, takes the depreciation, does the maintenance, and he will have a nice place to live when the Wife cuts him loose.

Until then..."What, me Worry?"

...THIS finger ( F9/SWA ) has a totally different stink to it than the ATA situation, and things seem to be very clearly stated from the outset. No integration, "Hired as needed", clearly stated from day one.

Of course, I am always wrong about most everything...so, WHATEVER.

Maybe I'll toast a toast and sing the Gilligan's Island song really loud over the next few days....makes no nevermind now. I'm Done....Now aren't I?

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Southwest continues to study Frontier's financial data to see if it will make a formal bid due Aug. 10.
Monday represented the deadline for informal notification of intent to bid on the airline. Frontier said that as of 5:30 p.m. Dallas time that it had not received further bids.

You guys are a little premature. You are focusing on press release language of a non-binding bid, i.e. intent to submit a formal bid. Why don't you wait and see what the formal bid language sounds like (if there is one) before getting all riled up?

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