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Hi I'm new here!

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Mike Reyna

Feb 17, 2002
Dear Fellow pilots,

Hi! I'm new to this board. Just a little info on myself:
I'm a former Aerospace Engineer (Ohio State 1994) and I used to work for GE. I am also a private pilot with over 350 hours in Cessnas & Pipers.

I now work part time for Kitty Hawk Air Cargo (SEA) as a ramp agent, while trying to finish my second degree or masters (undecided yet).

My goal is to become an airline pilot for the majors. My wife and I will be moving to Arizona (from Seattle) next year, so I can attend Pan Am Aviation Academy. About 6 months ago, we took a trip down there to visit the campus. Very nice! I can't wait to finish all my ratings. Wish me luck! :)

Hey Mike,

With your time and your goals, this site will prove to be priceless to you as you move forward in your career. I've searched high and low over the last 5 years and haven't found anything even close to the quality of the hangar flying around here. Recently, the users donated $5000 to the webmaster so he could keep the site running for another 2 years (...or pay off a gambling debt). That's a pretty good vote of confidence for a "free" website.

There are thousands of different personalities representing scores of companies, different backgrounds, and levels of experience. Ask away. There are no dumb questions here...well actually there are, but they get answered anyway.

Welcome aboard, and best of luck.


Hey, Mike, you've definitely come to the right place. I had been out of aviation for nearly eight years when I found this message board. Now, I'm thinking about going back to flying for fun. The board has been a lifeline back to aviation for me. Welcome! :)
Welcome Mike...


Ditto the previous posts. This is by far the best message board/aviation website out there. Best of luck as you begin your career!

Hey Guy's,

Thanks for the warm welcome. I am pretty familiar with this type of board, my car club uses the same code. I'm looking forward to talking with everyone. :)

I know just by working as a ramp agent, jump seating on our Boeing 727's, I've ask our crews a lot of questions. They have also given me great advice. I hope to someday be in that right seat soon. :D

Hope to see everyone up and flying. :) Again thanks, and great site! Keep up the great work. :)

Enjoy the Seattle area while you are there, your living in the best part of the Lower 48. Have fun in AZ and watch that density altitude this summer....
Hey Mike,

Just like the others, glad to have ya here. I see you work for KHA...what is happening over there? I've heard rumors of a buyout or just the doors being locked up for good...and management styles in comparison Enron...just would like your take on the matter!

Yeah Seattle is a very nice area to fly. I've been here since 1998, and the flying is incredible (when it's not raining..lol). The traffic sucks though...yuck!!

As for Kitty Hawk Aircargo, we are actually in the process of coming out of Chapter 11. The company itself is doing quite well, and showing profit....although we lost a huge postal contract to Fed Ex at the end of 2001 (grrrrrr!). The Postal Service is actually finding out that they are spending more money, than originally planned (no offense to Fed Ex or their pilots). I guess they should of kept us. :) Thank goodness we still have the Ancorage, Alaska Postal run. :D (DC 8-71 baby!)

Welcome, and best of luck in your career choice(s)!

As the other posters have indicated, this board is an outstanding resource, one of the best on the Web. However, you may also want to check out the message boards at www.jetcareers.com

They have one of the few things this board lacks -- namely a section devoted to the various major flights schools/academies.

There are a lot of positive things said there about ATPS, and I noticed a lot of mixed reviews about Pan Am Academy. I have not attended either one. 'Course you gotta weed out the sour grape gripers and stuff, but look for patterns. The jetcareers board has a lot of useful information from people who are currently or have formerly attended most of the major flight academies and can offer valuable insight.
Looks like you have a good career to fall back on if things don't pan out. If flying for a living is really what you want to remember that persistence and timing is what it's all about. "May the force be with you."

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