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Hey Mon What About Chalks

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Active member
Jan 24, 2002
I'm losing my job and always wanted to fly seaplanes, does anyone know about Chalks - is Roger Nair still the chief pilot - will I need food stamps?
I have a friend that works there and another one that left Chalk's for ACA. Most of the people that work there knew someone there. Both of my buddies were hired with less than 700 hrs and one was upgraded to Captain at 1500 hrs. The pay is slightly better than the commuters somewhere in the low 20s for FOs and 40s for Captains. The turnover was pretty good before Sep 11 as a lot of people were leaving for the regionals but that may have changed. I hear its a good company to work for and they treat their employees right. The hard part is getting a job there. A seaplane rating isnt required. Their web site indicates they are hiring.

If you have a BE-400/MU-300 type rating I have seen a lot of PIC jobs on Avcrew and some of the other sites.
Thanks Fly Dog and Little Duece I do have a Type Rating and sent out a ton of resumes but most of those jobs are overseas and they want a JAA (JAR) license which seems difficult to get. I guess its just a bad time to be unemployeed! Hope you guys are working!

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