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Hey, Answerguy....

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Feb 20, 2002
Answerguy, I was in Worland at that time....My wife (now EX worked for Lakes, Mary Beth N.....) Do you know her? I used to party with you guys up in the pilot house. Do you remember the couch that was set on fire? Maybe shooting arrows out the back door?
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From what I remember, there was a female Lakes pilot that seen a mouse go into the couch during a party. So it was dragged outside and set a fire. I recall that it was video taped also.
Well, I went to college with Answerguy and visited him out in Worland while he was there. I had a blast out there and heard many stories of their adventures. I hope that I have that much fun when I make it that far. I've known him for years and have definetly known him to be the answerguy! In fact he took me on my first demo flight......which is a good thing right?
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I noticed your avitar and then you said something about sheep.... Everything ok out there? I forget the term used for people who like animals, but I think they have doctors for that..

Just joking...
I was in Worland not too long ago, and the house is still standing. Rumor has it that they got kicked out of there. It was way too far out in the country for some wild Lakes personnel.

I took one of the pilots antalope hunting one day. I don't remember his name, what a time we had.

Sitting in the living room and shooting arrows through the house to the back yard was a good time.

Did he ever take you to a litte bar in Worland, (Rondevous, or something like that)? What a hole in the wall!
I've never heard that, but it is about the size of one. I'ts probably the worst bar in WRL. (Like there is alot to choose from)
Remember, it sits next to an alley? With alot of really shady characters in it! Didn't the bathroom smell a little funny, like sweet smoke or something?:p
I believe Lakes is still there. I'd like to be based there too. (tired of the flatland, Sioux Falls)

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