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Hewlett Packard Insight?

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Active member
Mar 21, 2002
Can anybody tell me anything about HP corporate? I have been setting my sights on them for the past two years, and now that I am close to their minimum requirement of ATP, I wonder if I'm putting all my eggs in one basket.. or even the wrong basket?

I have visited their facility. I was even offered a tour of their 2 G4s two years ago by the Cheif pilot. He asked me to keep him abreast of my progress and I have done this religiously.

As a former HP employee, I am hoping that this will help.

Anyway, I am naive to the whole corporate thing. I'm hoping that anyone who reads this post might have some insight as to whether or not I am being told these things because it's HP, and they are all nice people.. or if they are genuinely interested in hiring someone who was a computer geek turned pilot. good for pr and all that stuff.

Thank you in advance.
in the world of corporate,and absolutely in todays world, the best jobs are gotten thru friends. nepotism is it.
my opinion is that if hp was to hire into the rt seat, they would advertise for 5000 total,3000 multi and 1000 turbine for mins. 2000 pilots would answer the ad (even without the mins), and 5 might get called for 2 positions. sound harsh? well thats what i heard happened with coca-cola this month.
keep the relationship up with the chief and you might get lucky some day. next time you talk to him, let him know again how much youre shooting for the job and what, in his opinion, could you do to enhance your chances. lay the groundwork man.
good luck
Okay, here's how it works at HP

The way HP hires pilots is in one of two ways. One way they meet their staffing requirements is to hire back pilots who have quit who now find themselves on the street, on furlough, in need of a job.

The other way they hire pilots is to hire you as a contract pilot to fly the Twin Otter. They will send you to Toronto for Otter school as soon as you're in the door and they'll try you out for a while. If they like you they may make your position permanent.

Unfortunately, the ATP thing is the absolute bedrock of their hiring minimums. Anyone seeking their attention needs at least an ATP (multi of course). Once you have that, the key is to be persistent without being annoying. The Chief Pilot is a BUSY guy but he WILL sit and talk with you. They're VERY proud of their fleet and what they do and you probably WILL get a tour if you show up there. Face time IS important with them.

Things are a bit uncertain right now with the Compaq merger in question but the future is bright if it moves forward. The consensus seems to be that they will be hiring more pilots if it goes through.

How, you may be asking yourself, does he know all this? Let's just say I go to the Aviation Department Christmas Party every year because it's good if you can get to a party your wife puts on at the request of her employer.

Hope this gives you some insight. Contact me at the e-mail address below if you have any other questions.


[email protected]

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