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Hewa Bora Airways


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Aug 15, 2005
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Hi people,

I'm new here so just wana say "HI" first of all! :)

I've been looking into Hewa Bora Airways for a week or so, interested particularly in the cargo fleet. Information I currently have is as follows:

9Q-CKZ B737-293 c/n 19309/47 normally stored FIH
9Q-CRG B727-30 c/n 18361/28 named Ville de Goma and stored FIH
9Q-CHE B727-232 c/n 22677
9Q-CHF B727-232 c/n 22494
9Q-CRS B727-214 c/n 19687
9Q-CWA B727-227 c/n 20775 named ville de Bukavu
9Q-CBW B707-329C c/n 20200 ex.Sabena, ex.Scibe ex ... delivered 21/02/04
9Q-CKK B707-366C c/n 20761 ex.Egyptair delivered 09/00 named Aisha
9Q-CHA L1011-385-1-15 Tristar 250 c/n 1227

If anyone has any more information (eg recent movements) of the 707C's or L1011, I'd be interested to hear from you! :cool:

Thanks in advance!

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