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Here's a Gig - Senior Navigation Analyst - Delta Air Lines

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Dad is my favorite title
Nov 30, 2001
Job Summary: Performs a variety of analytical and technical functions, including but not limited to the maintenance of navigation data resident in the flight planning systems, reviews international and domestic reference publications, provides realtime operational support for flight superintendents for navigation related problems, provides navigation and flight information for schedule development, prepares various reports and documentation to meet both domestic and international deadlines. Provides data and updates for weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual reports. Interfaces with ATC, Operations, Marketing, and other areas both inside and outside the Company to monitor a variety of factors that affect fuel, air traffic, and flight efficiency. Involved in extensive use of computer spreadsheets and software, cost/benefit analysis, and other reports as requested.

Job Qualifications: Prefer previous navigation database maintenance experience, dispatch or pilots license, and/or navigation experience. A college degree or work experience in airline operations, air traffic control, or aviation also desirable. Should possess a high degree of aptitude, self-motivation, ability to handle multiple tasks, and have strong planning, organizational, analytical, and project coordination skills. Should be able to work within deadlines and on several projects concurrently. Should be able to read, write, and comprehend detailed and complex technical data. Should have the ability to communicate and work effectively and harmoniously with all levels of the Company and possess a proficiency in oral and written communications skills. Should be willing to work rotating shifts with rotating days off. Should be performing satisfactorily in present position.

Here is what I sent someone asking about the gig...

10 hr shifts, 0550, 1000, 1400, 2000 show times.

7 on the seniority list, but 1 is retiring at the end of the month.

You can jumpseat on mainline metal only - it isnt walkup authority, you get a letter from the exec vp of flight ops, but you can use that letter as long as you need to; you are not enrolled in CASS as a dispatch certificate is not required for the position, and you list for the JS thru the JS desk over on the command bridge in OCC.

Out of the 7, myself and two others hold an ADX, but only I have actual ADX experience. Movement to dispatch is the 64K question. I have been told that if you fail any part of the DX screening tests, its a one shot deal, with no mulligans.

Pay - I am on a different scale as technically I am a contractor employee with Delta Global (DGS), so I am paid differently. However, if they are advertising for this on delta.com, then my guess is that it would be as a mainline Delta Air Lines employee, with Delta Air Lines mainline employee benefits.

One really nice thing is that with a small staff on the desk, everyone in flight ops/flight dispatch management that has a title you will get to know very well - probably better than if you were just a line dispatcher...

Job - your daily tasks include building the north atlantic, pacific tracks, metro-derived random routes for the North Pacific; you build RAD-compliant routes for Europe; you get assigned a certain part of europe and build the new data for the new AIRAC cycle. You help the dispatchers when they have problems with routes, or with the Delta Flight Planning System (which you will know very well). You enter FDC notams into our OSS system, you build flights in OSS such as charters, prepare charter packets of additional charts, you update our flight planning system when a new C70 comes out; you create new routes in our system for new service.

I was a SABRE Key User at an airline previous, and I think that is how I got the gig. Key user experience, understanding how AIRAC updates are made, has been a real asset for this position.

The position is posted at www.deltajobs.net -> Search All Open Jobs -> Senior Analyst Navigation Database

Good Luck!
And where you visited is completely different now - we've been kicked out as they make room for the NWA folks, by gutting the current OCC, and redoing it from scratch.

We are currently over in the Worldspan building, where they have a backup OCC.
Just looked, and the posting has been removed...

Since our supervisor was on vacation all last week, not sure if the position was pulled, filled, or what

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