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Here we go again!

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Rock or Something
May 31, 2002

DALLAS (AP)--Two pilots for Mesa Airlines were suspended without pay and a flight attendant left the carrier after airport security screeners smelled alcohol on them as they were about to board their flight, Mesa officials said.

One pilot tested positive for alcohol use, and the Federal Aviation Administration is seeking revocation of his license, said John Clabes, FAA spokesman for the Southwest Region.

The three employees' names were not released.

The pilots and attendant were stopped about 2:40 p.m. Friday as they were about to board an Embraer 145, a small regional jet operated under a joint agreement and flying as US Airways (NYSE:U - News) Express, Clabes said. The pilots had been scheduled to fly the plane from Little Rock, Ark., to Charlotte, N.C.

When security screeners suspected they had been drinking, all three were given alcohol breath tests.

They were suspended without pay until an investigation is completed.

The flight attendant left the company Saturday, the newspaper said, adding that it was unclear whether the flight attendant was asked to resign.
You gotta be sh___ing me! Did everybody just suddenly get stupid? How difficult is this to understand? Don't drink and then go try to fly a f___ing airplane!!!
About 2 weeks ago, 2 mesa pilots in TYS were caught closing out their bar tab at 2330 and had a 0600 departure to CLT. The bartender called the station manager, and the crew was seen deperarting for PHX later that day in civlian clothes.......draw your own conclusions.

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