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Herb and Gerard on CSPAN 11/10

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Juan Tugo

Fire for effect...
Mar 29, 2003
Both Herb and Gerard are set to testify before the Senate Aviation Subcommittee at 0830 CT tomorrow on CSPAN (probably on CSPAN2 since this is a Senate hearing). It's also looking like they should be showing it on the cable NBC's (MSNBC or CNBC??) as well as the local CBS affiliate in Dallas, KTVT Ch 11.

Set the alarm, this will be good.
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You need media player..... Herb is kicking a$$!!!
Highlight: Herb blowing a kiss at Gerard after Gerard touched his arm and stated he greatly respected Herb.
TAZ MAN said:
Wheres Crandall when you need him.

I've been thinking the same thing every since 9/11. I keep hoping for a comeback, but it doesn't look like it's going to happen. I think Crandall is done with the airlines for good. He may have been a jerk and a labor-hater, but at least the man knew how to run an airline. That's a heck of a lot more than I can say for any of the current airline management.
I thought Gerald did a good job at first.... I thought Herb did an excellent job (of course). McCain was tough on Gerald at the end of the session.

"D/FW (Airport) has gotten so big I'm surprised it hasn't been implicated in the steroid scandal," Kelleher said. "American controls 84 percent of the passenger traffic at D/FW and doesn't exactly welcome interlopers with warm milk and graham crackers when they come there."
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