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Active member
Nov 26, 2001
Hey, I selected what was supposed to be a wildcat when I re-registered, but it came up as a scary red guy. How do I get rid of it/change it?
I think your subconscience chose the scary red guy. How does that make you feel? Sit back and tell me about your parents. Let's look at some ink blots, tell me the first thing that comes to you. Do you dream in color?

Session's over, We'll start again next week. That will be $100.
or use your own pic...

Or you can use any photo as your avatar rather than the canned ones!

That sounds like a cool username, scary-red-guy. I think you should go with it!
go under User cp, Edit Options, Change Avatar,


Smoking Man
Just wanted to see how all this new stuff works... pretty nice!
Yeah, this really is the "stuff." Smoking Man looks JUST
like I pictured him!!

I just figured out how to put a picture with my username!! Thanks to you guys/gals for talking about it for me to figure it out.

I just stood in front of the camera and wagged
my tail!!

Seriously, I guess you'd have your picture
taken with a digital camera and put it on
your computer, then go through the avatar
shuffle described above.

Good luck!!
I feel like a dork, but...

But how do I get a picture as my "avatar"? I went to the page, and I can select the little cartoony ones, but I'd rather not. Thanks for all replies!
disregard the previous.

I actually read through the FAQ. Amazing what happens when one does that.
Adding your own "avatar"

You have to size your proposed avatar to 150 x 150 pixels and convert it to "jpg" format. You do this on your machine. I did it with "paint." Save the avatar in a file on your hard drive. Then, on the board, go to "user cp," "edit options," "edit avatar," "use custom avatar" and click "browse," find your avatar on your machine and upload it. Something like using e-mail to send a file.