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Help with UPT package

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Well-known member
Dec 30, 2004
I have an interview with a C-17 unit next month. I'm trying to find the forms that are required. I need AF forms 56, 24, 215, 1288, and 2584. Also, what do I need to put in my letter of intent? I do not have the IMT viewer that is required on the e-publishing site.
The IMT viewer is available on the Site, However, I would ask your AF recruiter. He should have all of them ready for you.

As for your letter of intent, ask your POC at the unit what they want. I would try to get a previous candidates succesful package and basically copy it.

I am sure a plethora of UPT candidates have better gouge.
I'm already in the unit (different squadron, same wing) and the recruiter is not allowed to help inside applicants. I'm supposed to go through the career advisor in my wing. I'm the first inside applicant since the policy change and the career advisor is new to this.

I'll contact the career advisor though and see what they can do. Thanks.
sometime next year. They have already begun the training and they are maintaining currency at McChord.
I'm also in a C-17 reserve unit. Leaving for you UPT in about a week. If you need some help PM me and I'll see what I can do for you. I'll try to find the letter of intent I sent to the board.
Hey Viper...which unit are you in? I'm still trying to find a unit to fly with..have an alternate slot at a -130 guard unit.

CFIIer..your unit hiring at all too?

thanks for the info guys.
I'm in the 312AS (C-5) and am interviewing with the 301AS (soon to be C-17). Both units are at Travis.
Yeah, my unit is still hiring. PM me and I'll see if i can get you some info. Viper, I'm still looking for your stuff...

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