Help with english aviation terms


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Aug 11, 2017
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Hi good afternoon, my name is Pedro Batalha and I am a new member here expecting to get some help from American or English speakers fellows.
I got the challenge to prepare my brazilian fellows for ICAO proficiency test here in Brazil.I am trying to translate a departure briefing used at our flying club and I would really thanks and aprecciate if someone could correct me and tell me if is clear the intentions of departure briefing and emergency briefing,we are flying a C152.

as following...

Take off briefing

We are going to perform a normal take off no flaps from runway 30.
Aligned to the runway center line we will carry out the security check.
We will rotate the aircraft with 65 knots and accelerate to 70 knots maintaining the climb up on the runway shaft up to 400ft (checking obstacles ahead) then we will turn left following the standard traffic pattern.By 500ft height we will perform the after take off checklist and maintaining trafic pattern.

Emergency briefing

Not reaching operational minimum,2500 RPM,65 Knots,instruments out of green arch,objects on the runway or loss of the takeoff axle we will abort the take off reducing all the throttle and applying brakes as necessary to stop the plane at the runway, unable to do so we will perform a ground loop using the rudder pedal, brakes and aileron upwind maintaining the plane with pitch up attitude.
Engines faillure below 500ft landing ahead with 45° maximum turn using rudder pedals.Engines failure up to 500ft we will try to return to the runway turning upwind performing 45° maximum rate of turn using rudder pedals.