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help with aviation math problems

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Barely awake in Training
Feb 5, 2002
I have a few questions for those who are smart with aviation math. how do you solve for the three problems

1. ktas 300. aircraft is going to teardrop outbound on the 60 degree radial and wants to roll inbound on the 100 radial. if the a/c must start the turn at 20 dme what constant bank will you roll out on the 100 radial?

2.if flying 180 tas how much distance will you use for the 45/180 manuever?

3, at 300 kts tas what bank angle is needed to maintain a 20 dme arc?

for the last two i assume you are supposed to use the 3 degrees per bank rule but the answer doesnt show that.

thanks for the help

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