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Help Please!!!

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Active member
Mar 11, 2002
I'm looking for anyone who knows how to contact Pro Pilot Training Flight School in Ft. Lauderdale Florida. I spoke with them about 1 month ago, and now is seems that all of their phone numbers have been temporarily disconnected. Also, I can't seem to fax them or reach them by e-mail. Can anyone offer any insight on this matter. I was planning on scheduling a visit to this school, but now they have dissappeard. Thanks for the help!
Are you positive about this? Mr. Schoofs did seem awful ansy to get my $500.00 application fee about 1 month ago..........good thing I didn't send it!
Hint one he was "ansy" to get your money. Hint 2 - why does a flight school need an application fee. A large flight school or any other large employer that gets 1000's of applications may justify a fee (maybe $25.00) to cover admin. costs and weed out superfulus (sp?) applicants. I do suppose schools have a requirement for background checks on applicants now, but I would question the amount they may charge for this. I would think the supply for new students is down and one should have alot more bargining power to negotiate up front costs. I would be very reluctant to be paying anything except as you go, or in the case of a large established school per term/flight course.

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